Whether it is an award show or a fashion show 2022

This month in the second decade of March two big news items about the country were on social media. One is the Hum TV Awards show which was held in Houston, Texas, USA on the 5th and the other is the arrival of the British royal couple in Pakistan on October 14, nine days after the battle. The highlight of which was that during their five-day visit, the two of them adorned our traditional attire with respect to our traditions and values ​​and culture.

The non-Muslim British princess, who was the owner of her own will and wore all kinds of clothes in her kingdom, was not at all obliged in a Muslim country to dress there and choose her advisory staff willingly and happily. He preferred to wear Pakistani clothes. Our TV actresses and models did the same thing at the awards show a few days ago. He also adorned Western costumes designed by his designers as an expression of respect and solidarity with American culture, which caused a stir in the country, followed by decades of examples of princesses and highly unpublished comments and fatwas. Issued. The least common denominator was that the princess should not be compared to them, and that there was a difference between the royal family and the royal family.

Whether it is an award show or a fashion show, the tradition of participating in it wearing very little and inadequate clothes has been around for a long time now, especially for our showbiz artists at events held abroad such as Dubai etc. There is always an effort to keep the body, especially its weak shoulders, completely free from the burden of any trouble called cloth. Nothing new had happened yet, but a few days after the award show, the British princess wore our.

Pakistani clothes and played the band of the children of her former slaves. And some black Englishmen say that they have their own life as they please. Who is the intruder? This is their own personal meter, so the question is why the personal meter is made public? If they publicize any of their initiatives and personal activities, they will face a variety of public reactions. Showbiz people are calling themselves public property and are trying various tricks to stay in the media. And it is the media that keeps them alive in public and commenting on any of their personal actions is part of the same concession, so why object to it? Public property is immediately privatized, even if it is a funeral for the honor of the country and the nation.

Many of our famous and senior TV artists lost their senses after losing their youth and the solution to reduce the severity of this trauma was to reduce their clothing. Divorced the dupatta and ripped off the sleeves as if halving the clothes would also halve their age. Showbiz women between the ages of 60 and 70 try to look younger by showing off their bodies. The most amazing thing was done by the lady who came to America to attend the award show ceremony, but her shalwar was missing. It seems that with age, his memory has also gone. First he tried to reduce his age by sending curses on dupattas and sleeves, which remained useless and now he is disgusted with shalwar. It doesn’t even matter if you are in league or tight. God is rich! This is the age to worship Allah and to think of one’s Hereafter. He has prepared the question and answer to be asked in the grave. Just think, if death ever came with the same half-naked body and the shroud was not available. What if you don’t like to cover your body and have to be buried in your favorite outfit?

Many of our foremost Diamond Jubilee movie heroines of her time and age are there, but there is a chance that they will ever be seen with or without cellulose. Because they know that the evening of life has come and now is the time to hang one’s feet in the grave and not to put them in a long boat and that too without the shalwar. At this age, such actions clearly mean that until he did all this, he did not have the opportunity and did not let go of the opportunity. It is only a matter of time before you have the opportunity to do evil and refrain from it

Unique competition of designers in Pakistan Fashion Week who will bring the biggest star of the industry on the ramp.

The Pakistani fashion industry has made a name for itself in the last few years that invited designers from all over the world to its various shows … but every coming year creates a new competition among designers Sometimes for the uniqueness of the collection, sometimes for the exhibition on the ramp This year too, at the Fashion Week on October 23, the designers tried to choose the biggest names in the industry for their collection before the show On the same day, Al-Kurram Studios introduced Aiza Khan  Muneeb Butt and child star Sami Khan on the ramp in a unique way Introducing a collection of men, women and children called Life in Pink with reference to breast cancer awareness.

Brand Boom designer Kanwal showed his designs keeping in mind the popular Sindhi culture and took a model from Saboor Ali while Hassan Riaz kept in mind the colors and style of French Garden in his brand Gogi’s collection. Actress Nimrah Khan modeled for his collection.